The Amazing Tales of the Wilmark Five

Wilmark’s home for children was not the ideal place to grow up but Adriana, Isabella, and Philip did just that. Adriana and Isabella shared more than a friendship; they also had the same birthday. The April 16th which marked the girls’ golden birthdays was also the day they said goodbye to the orphanage to make…Read more The Amazing Tales of the Wilmark Five

My Cochella Trip

As a young university student, what is more fun that road tripping across country for a concert? I decided to go with a coworker, her boyfriend and her friend. We took my old beat up car because she didn’t want to put that many miles on her brand new ride. I had a great mechanic…Read more My Cochella Trip


I love the rain. I love the anticipation in the air before it starts. I love watching as the first drops paint the surfaces a darker color than they were. I love the smell of rain even when it smells like worms but especially when it smells like clean. I love when it is warm…Read more Raining