Wilmark’s home for children was not the ideal place to grow up but Adriana, Isabella, and Philip did just that. Adriana and Isabella shared more than a friendship; they also had the same birthday. The April 16th which marked the girls’ golden birthdays was also the day they said goodbye to the orphanage to make their ways in this strange world. Timothy had just come to Wilmark’s a month prior after his parents perished in an accident. Isabella bonded immediately with Timothy and he thought she was the most phenomenal person he’d ever met. He followed her everywhere and she enjoyed his company. So when Isabella left the home, she adopted Timothy unofficially.
The orphanage was run by an old man who no longer really cared much for the place. Corners were cut, laws were bent and for a little while he had what could be considered a sweat shop in the basement. There was always enough free labor and Timothy was only three and a half.  Old Mr. Jenkins didn’t like little ones. They took a lot of care and attention, neither of which he was willing to give. Since Timothy had already been seen by two families and was still there, Mr. Jenkins was happy to let Isabella take him even though she wasn’t established in society yet.

Phillip was only fifteen but there was no way he was going to stay with the younger children after the girls left. He took off out a window the same night and no one came looking for him. Fortunate for Phillip, while hopping across the rooftops he ran into Anna’s telescope. The clatter of her prized possession brought her out to the rooftop and she caught Phillip trying frantically to set it back up. He started to run when he saw her but he slipped and almost fell off of the roof. Anna caught his hand and pulled him up after making him promise he wouldn’t run.

Choose the characters you would like to follow:


Isabella & Timothy

Anna & Phillip

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