I love the rain. I love the anticipation in the air before it starts. I love watching as the first drops paint the surfaces a darker color than they were. I love the smell of rain even when it smells like worms but especially when it smells like clean. I love when it is warm and feels good on your skin.

I love the calming rhythm of the raindrops on rooftops and the excitement of thunder and lightning. I love the way it washes away all the dust and dirt and leaves everything clean again.

I love dancing in it and pretending it is washing away all my past and giving me a brand new start.

Hi, I am Isabella.  20170210_220804

Jesse is going to tell you my story soon but today it is raining and I feel like I am overflowing with love for the world and I wanted to meet you.  Hello new friends. I cannot wait to start our adventures together.

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