Last night I was hanging out with a group of gorillas in the rainforest. I was wondering why one of them looked sad. Their faces are so wonderful and they cannot hide any emotion.  I asked him why he was sad, but he just shook his head and pretended I hadn’t asked.

Then all of a sudden a sharp pain tore through my big toe and I looked down and a green snake was wrapped tightly around it. My gorilla friend tried to pry the snake off but it was really holding tight. I had to start walking with the heel of my foot so that I didn’t  disturb the snake. I thought it better if the doctor saw it and new what venom we were dealing with.  So I trekked through the lush foliage for a while until I came across an electric pole with just one wire hanging from it to the next pole.

The pole said, “Here, I’ll hold it up for you so you can pass underneath.”

I smelled the distinct smell of burnt flesh and decided against trusting this pole.  I neared it cautiously but  as I started underneath, I jumped back instead. It was a good thing too, because the pole pulled the wire down and said, “Or maybe I’ll hold it down here for you to jump over.”

I looked at the pole and I said, “That looks like a fun game. May I try?”

The pole allowed me to climb up it and then told me to wait for the next  player to walk up. “The object of the game is to touch them with the wire and watch what happens. It is quite hilarious.” The pole laughed.

I quietly climbed down the other side of the pole without touching the wires at all. As my snake still wrapped around my toe and I journeyed toward the town, I heard the pole yelling about what a bad sport I was.

I came to a very busy bustling road. There were merchants with carts and smells of food and hardly room to walk but I managed to find my way into the doctor’s tent.  She took a look at the toe, the snake still around it and she asked me, “Did you see the spider that bit you?”

“I thought this silly snake bit me.” I said.

“This green snake is the reason you are still here. It has kept the poison from moving out of your big toe.”


I woke up and I couldn’t help but analyze this weird dream. Obviously, things are not as they seem.

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