I wonder what it is like to be a fish.  They swim around in their tank but can they see outside of it? Can they see the humans walking around and the Christmas tree still lit up next to them? Can they see out the window into the even bigger world where things are happening every day?

Maybe we are not too different than the fish. We live in our houses and even though we can explore outside of them, not many of us do. We get into habits like going to work, using the same routes, eating the same foods. We have our comfort zones. Not many step out of their zones. Some have much bigger ones than others, but only a few, compared to the whole population, travel the world. And when they travel, many stick to the vacation spots, never venturing around to see how others really live.

And only a very few travel into space to look at our fishbowl from the outside. But now, there are satellites and computers and we can still see what it looks like from our nice safe couches.

Maybe the fish are smarter than they seem. Maybe the water, all water carries with it the knowledge of where it has been. Maybe the fish know that they are connected to all other fish and that is why they seem so content.

If humans realized that they were all interconnected and they all share the human experience, I wonder if they’d be as happy as the fish.

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