When we moved into our house about two years ago, a lovely tree moved with us. It was a hard thing to watch. I followed behind the truck that was carrying it, where it was lovingly wrapped in plastic bags and bungeed into the bed. Unfortunately, all that preparation didn’t stand up to the 60 mph winds that devastated the poor thing during its travels. I saw it being tossed back and forth and falling down and I thought for sure it was a goner.

When we unloaded it, there wasn’t a leaf that wasn’t damaged and a branch had broken off. My guy stuck the branch in water and we let the tree recuperate in the house. Now, there is no sign of damage and the most gorgeous flowers are blooming off the tiny tree that had been the broken branch.

My guy had this tree for years and never knew that it was a hibiscus and had never seen it flower.

So, there are a lot of people right now in Texas and around the world who are being displaced and their journeys seem as bleak and violent as this tree’s was. Well out of hard experiences, people can grow and blossom in ways that they never knew. I send all my love to those suffering at the moment, but I also hope great good comes from it for everyone involved.

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