Adriana got up and walked with as much confidence as she could muster right after the waiter into the first class car. The décor was extravagant. The seats were plush and spacious.  There were finely dressed people drinking champagne in almost every seat.  Adriana had never seen such wealth.  No one gave her a glance, she was dressed appropriately and she acted as though she should be there.  She peeked into the dining car. All the tables were elegantly placed with silver and candelabras.  White table clothes and lacey doilies covered the tables.

Adriana turned around and found an inviting fainting sofa next to a window in the back of the car and she struck an elegant pose and soon dozed off.  This did catch the attention of some of the passengers. Since they each had a room on the train, it was not common for someone of their class to sleep in front of each other.

A gentleman asked the attendant to check on the woman in the corner, to make sure she is alright.

The attendant understood and gently woke Adriana, “Madame, are you feeling all right? Would you like me to escort you to your room?”

“Oh, I’m so sorry. I am perfectly okay right here. I just needed to rest my eyelids for a moment.” Adriana sit up a little straighter.

“Are you certain I couldn’t take you to your room, ma’am?” The attendant persisted.

“I am quite okay, sir. Thank you.” Adriana’s confidence faltered.

“May I see your boarding pass?” The attendant asked with less sugar in his voice.

Suddenly the train was screeching to a halt. The attendant rushed to reassure the real first class guests that it was probably just cattle on the tracks. Then he rushed toward the front to find out why they had stopped.

Two dirty men with pistols appeared on either side of the car. The older one growled and told the gentry to put all the valuables in a sack he was holding. The younger one walked over to Adriana and made the same request.

“I don’t have anything.” Adriana confessed.

“Stop lying.” He pointed the pistol at her.

“I snuck in here from coach. I really don’t have anything.” Adriana whispered.

“Okay well make yourself useful then.” He grabbed a lady’s purse and handed it to her as he pulled her off of the sofa. “Place the valuables in any of these bags.” He announced to the captive audience and pointed to the purse, his bag and his colleagues bag in turn.

Adriana walked around the car, her frightened gaze meeting the frightened gazes of each robbery victim in turn.  Once everything was collected the two men took the purse and ran through the door to coach.

Does Adriana

          Go with them?

          Stay where she is?

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