Miss Adriana Wilson had always been quite a firecracker. During their times at Wilmark’s, she had instigated many treasure hunts and games of train robbers. She was always the one who saved the damsels in distress and got all the treasure in the end, even if it was by robbing the winner after they found it.

During one of her games she found a chest in the attic with some fine clothing in it. She’d been much too small to wear it at the time but she kept the gold dress safe and sound hidden beneath the boards in her and Isabella’s room. The day they left, so did the dress. After hugging Isabella and Timothy, she headed in the opposite direction. She rounded the first corner and changed into the gold dress in an empty alley. It fit her perfectly now and she would not ever be seen in rags again.

She headed straight for the train station. When she was in front of a train heading west, she started crying loudly about someone stealing her purse. A gentleman in a suit heard her sobs and asked her what had happened. She told him her purse had been stolen and now she had no tickets and no money for her train to her aunt’s place. She went on that her aunt was in poor health and she was going to take care of her.20170310_120018.jpg

The generous man bought her a ticket and helped her onto the westward train before he caught his own train eastbound.  If she had learned one thing at Wilmark’s, it was that boys cannot stand seeing girls cry. She’d observed the biggest bully turn into putty when a little girl cried over a broken doll. He’d been beating up a smaller lad and stopped to try to help the girl. This memory had stuck with her and she mulled it over many nights. She was amazed at the kindness a normally mean person was capable of. She was amazed at the power a damsel in distress had. She tried to analyze what was gained by the bully that would drive his actions. That is why in her games, she would save the victims. She was trying to decipher what it was. She discovered that a warm fuzzy feeling does accompany being someone’s hero, even in play. With that being her conclusion, she felt no guilt in providing the generous man with the warm fuzzy feeling even under false pretenses.20170310_115534.jpg

She found her seat on the train and the car was full and cramped. She caught a glimpse of the first class car over her shoulder as a waiter walked through the curtains.

Does she:

stay in coach?

sneak into first class?

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