Although she is tempted to follow the waiter, she decided to count herself lucky that she was on the train and waited for it to lurch forward before relaxing into her seat for a cat nap. Only a few minutes passed before she was nudged awake by someone trying to get through the aisle. She thought about what a long ride this would be. It was a two day trip to Casterdale.

She had heard rumors of a treasure in Casterdale. The famous bank robber, Sean Jarvis, had supposedly retired there and recently passed away. It was actually Phillip who had mentioned it to Adriana. He’d been practicing his trade, pick pocketing outside of a tavern a few nights ago and overheard a few guys talking about it. He’d told Adriana because she was always talking about being a treasure hunter. Phillip told her there was treasure everywhere, you just needed to take it and he showed her a large amount of cash he’d collected that evening. She’d asked him why he didn’t spend it. He told her he was saving it for a good life after Wilmark. Besides, the old man would notice if he started wearing nice clothes or fattening up from all the sweet breads.

Adriana decided to get up and wander to see if she could find a better place to nap or at least a place where she could think. There was a baby crying and many people talking all at once in that car. The gentleman who had punched her ticket did say there were some loos at the other end of the compartment, near the luggage car. Although she didn’t need to use the facilities, she was curious what she might find in the luggage car. She bumped every person in an aisle seat on her way through because it was unavoidable but no one made much of a fuss about it.

Instead of popping into the loo, she opened another door and found her way into a dimly lit area. She closed the door and waited for her eyes to adjust. There were windows but they were covered by curtains. Silhouettes of mountains of luggage filled this room. There was a seamstress’s manikin and someone’s covered birdcage.  She already felt more at home in the darkness. The orphanage was never well lit.erwan-hesry-166245.jpg

Adriana noticed a chest like the one she’d found in the attic all those years ago. Her curiosity got the best of her and it happened to not be locked. Inside were some lovely gowns. She took one out and held it up to herself. As she bent down to return it to the chest she saw a pair of rose handled pistols in holsters and a matching knife. She had never seen weapons in person. She picked them up and examined them with great care. She put on the holsters and tried to stand on her tip toes to see her reflection in the window of the door heading back toward where she’d come. But instead of her reflection she caught sight of an angry looking, well-dressed man rushing toward the door from the other side.

She dove down behind a pile of luggage and peeked around the corner. She saw the man come into sight again only to open the loo door and disappear. Adriana’s heart was pounding hard and she liked the feeling. Excitement at almost getting caught made her giggle a little as she came out of hiding.

She stood up and brushed off her dress. She picked up the knife and heard, “Hey, what are you doing in here?”

She spun around to see a train attendant standing right behind her. She saw the handle and slid open the loading door of the car and jumped into the blurry landscape.

As she rolled down the hill the holsters dug into her thighs and she let the knife fall somewhere. Once she stopped rolling, she stood up and watched the train rushing away from her.20170310_112813.jpg

Should Adriana

Sit and wait for the next train?

Explore her new surroundings?

Go to the Beginning

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