Adriana dusted herself off and started wandering into the woods after finding and retrieving her knife. She thought perhaps there would be a town nearby where she could find some food.  She scolded herself for jumping off the train and then argued that she really had no timeline so she’ll get there when she gets there.

Luckily she’d finished talking to herself before she reached the tree line because she was not alone in the woods. She smelled a campfire and she could hear a low growling laughter. She snuck up behind a tree to get a better look at the strangers.

There were two men and they looked rough around the edges. The grime on their clothes indicated they’d been out here for a while and the big knife the one was playing with wasn’t new.  There was a ring on his finger that looked very new and shiny and the other had a pocket watch that didn’t match his outfit.

Adriana decided these must be real train robbers. At first excitement coursed through her before she realized this wasn’t a game and they could be very dangerous.  In a pile of treasure behind the men, Adriana spots a lovely gold top hat that would match her dress.

Does Adriana

Introduce herself and join the robbers?

Try to steal the hat before heading back to the track to wait for another train?

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