“If I help you break Harden out of jail, may I have a share of the treasure?” Adrianna looked intently at Garret.

“That is years of hard work we done. You just started today. Harden would not approve of you taking our loot.” Garret said. “I’ll do it myself.”

Garret turned a cold shoulder on Adriana but as she started to walk away, his shoulders softened.

“I guess I could use the help. There is more than enough treasure but you don’t get a big share, just enough to pay for your service in helping me.” Garret turned back around.

“Well, hopefully you feel generous once we have your friend back.” Adriana smiled at him. “Where did they take him?”

“Those were the cops from Middletown.” Garret said. “They are the only ones around with a flying machine.”

“I’ll follow you.” Adriana gestured in front of them. barby-dalbosco-20629.jpg

Garret took an old rusty compass out of his pocket, pointed East and said, “Let’s go.”

The two were moving fast and while surveying their surroundings for company, they discussed their plan.

“The jail cell is right in the middle of town.” Garret said. “Our pictures will be posted around town and they’ll be looking for us.”

“Well, what do you suggest we do about all of that?” Adriana asked.

“We’ll get there around nightfall at this pace, so at least we will have the dark. There is a back street without any saloons or stores on it. We’ll come in through there.” Garret said.

“How will we bust Harden out of prison?” Adriana asked.

“I haven’t figured that part out yet but if we make a stop. I have something stashed just outside Middletown that can help?” Garret said.

“Is it with your treasure?” Adriana blurted out.

Garret stopped and looked at her. “You wouldn’t ever find our treasure by yourself. We’ve got a little stashed a lot of places. So stop that thinking right now.”

Adriana blushed, “I didn’t mean that. I said I would help you and that is what I’m doing.”

Garret started walking again. Adriana followed for a little while in silence. The woods cleared into a path and their pace sped up with the ease of the trail.elke-karin-lugert-125493.jpg

“I have some dynamite hidden near there.” Garret broke the silence. “We should be able to break a wall with that.”

“Sounds like it will work.” Adriana was glad he was talking again.

The night crept up as they trudged through the woods and they could hear voices and machines and the general hum of civilization.

“Wait here.” Garret ran off to the right and returned a few minutes later with some dynamite and a lantern already lit.

He pointed toward a stable of horses. “The road I was telling you about is just past the stable. It should be quiet. Now, here is what I will pay you for.” He looked at her close to make sure she was paying attention.

“I’m listening.” She stared back at him.

“You will go around to the front of the jailhouse and distract the guards.” Garret said. “They only got a glimpse of you and you didn’t have a hat before.”

“What if they do recognize me?” Adriana asked.

“I didn’t say it’d be easy.” Garret started for the road. “You don’t have to come.”  He called back over his shoulder.

Does Adriana

Go with Garret and follow through with the plan?

Go back in the woods and try to find some of the treasure?

Go to the Beginning

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