Good morning strange world,

Sorry that I have been neglecting you. My id has taken over and for a little while I’ve been toiling in art projects. There is an instant gratification that comes from finishing a project and seeing the final result that writing doesn’t really offer very often.  I have put a few of my art projects in my portfolio for the curious.Steampunk DollJesse’s Garden of Abundance CollectionPillow Shop

And now, back to writing. It is much easier to write with a well-rested mind. The little break from hashing through re-writes was just what I needed. Now I can see more clearly the changes that need to happen and the information missing in the story line. Here is a sneak peek at the beginning of my next book:

Realms (working title)

Written by Jesse Alyn XC


The Escape

            I was set up. Now I sit here trapped, away from my children, away from my love. Edward Azodrom is the real murderer. He is the fiend and the reason for my imprisonment. My pleas and the truth fell upon deaf ears. Now I must figure out how to prove my innocence, return to my family and simply be happy.

The chain around my ankle peels a new layer of flesh off each time I shift positions and the wet moldy hay offends my nose with each breath but I am thankful for the little barrier it creates between me and the cold stone floor. My throat is parched and my empty stomach aches. It is rare for a female to end up in such a cell but then the world believes I am no ordinary female. I have been accused of witchcraft. Not just any witch craft, but the killing of people, not just any people, the killing of rich people by use of magic. I wish I could use magic now. I would escape on a broom cackling through the night, but alas I know of no witch craft.


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