These grey, cold days are not very inspiring. They don’t inspire me to open windows, go outside or even leave my bed. I do believe that I could be a hibernating creature.  In spite of all that, I do pull back the curtains, I do go outside but only when I have to and I do get up every morning just as perky as always.

I have always been a morning person. I remember collage days where I’d be up at 6:00am and finishing whatever paper I had due that day. I have always been a procrastinator too. The days when I didn’t have anything due, I would be up at 8:30am at the absolute latest and I’d make big breakfasts of French toast, eggs, bacon and I’d try to feed my roommate who worked at a bar and was normally extremely hung over and had only slept a few hours. It didn’t usually work. She would grumble and roll over and I’d throw her plate in the fridge for warming up later.

Now I delight in getting up with my guy and making him a to go cup of coffee. He always says he has no time for breakfast, so I throw some kind of prepackaged cookie type breakfast into his pocket and kiss him goodbye. Then I wait for round two.

Getting the kids up can be less delightful after the third or fourth attempt. One is up but wants to know where certain clothes items are instead of just picking something from her closet and she doesn’t want to eat anything I suggest but will actually consume whatever I make. The other one would easily sleep past noon everyday if we’d let her.  I put the four pound Yorkie in bed with her and let Lilly lick and pounce her awake now. I find there is less grumbling that way. Then if I can nag her until everything she needs is on her without her being distracted by a show, I’ve won. If a glowing screen comes on anywhere in the house though, all forward momentum stops completely and my battle continues until the last second when the bus pulls up and the kids are running, one with a shoe in her hand instead of on her foot and I realize the other one never brushed her teeth and has smuggled some sort of toy under her coat that she probably isn’t allowed to have at school.

Then my day really begins, the grey cold makes me find my big fuzzy robe to throw on over my pajamas and I finally sit down and have my cup of coffee.  After a few sips, I wander over to my computer and stare at some story I am working on. Sometimes it clicks and before I know it there is something written, revised or completely wiped out and reworked. Then there are grey days like today where I stare and read a little and look out the window and think about going back to bed. I finish my coffee and try again. I pet the dog and then try again. I get some water and try again. Then I open a new page and stare at the whiteness for a while. I write something, erase it, look out the window, and wonder about when some package will arrive, then look at the blank page.

Then something incredible happens, I remember I have a blog and I can write all about my boring day and share it with the world and perhaps someone will find it amusing, they may relate to it or they may read this and feel that I stole the moments from them that they spent reading it because it is just garbage and they will fume because they will never get those moments back. Either way it makes me feel better and now I have all of everyone’s spare moments. I will keep them in a jar and use them wisely perusing other blogs.

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