Stealing from Thieves

Adriana was stealthy. She had practice sneaking in and out of the kitchen at the orphanage. She was never caught and the children always appreciated the little extra snacks she provided. She moved swiftly from tree to tree making a large enough circle around the camp to not attract any attention. Once she positioned herself…Read more Stealing from Thieves

Follow Them

          Adriana, fearing the police, ran after the men. She saw them going into the next car as she waded through the narrow isle in coach. She opened the door  into the luggage car and saw that the men had jumped out through an open door. She grabbed a nearby chest and placed it as…Read more Follow Them

The Amazing Tales of the Wilmark Five

Wilmark’s home for children was not the ideal place to grow up but Adriana, Isabella, and Philip did just that. Adriana and Isabella shared more than a friendship; they also had the same birthday. The April 16th which marked the girls’ golden birthdays was also the day they said goodbye to the orphanage to make…Read more The Amazing Tales of the Wilmark Five