I just picked up my new glasses and I cannot believe how much detail there is in the world. I hadn’t realized what I was missing being lazy and using my old scratched up, foggy glasses for so long. I am always looking forward to the next moment of clarity where something clicks in my mind and more makes sense to me in the world but I’d neglected the most obvious literal clarity; seeing.

I guess there is something to be said about feeling your way through life but being able to actually see the blades of grass and people’s expressions while they drive around is amazing. Even now I am distracted by looking at things around my house that I hadn’t seen before. I mean, I knew they were there and they were nice but wow, there are lines and notches and patterns and imperfections that I never noticed.

Sight is such an interesting topic. I remember having many conversations about how the way I see blue might be the way another person sees yellow. What if everyone really had the same favorite color only the way their eyes translate it, they learned it by a different name? I’ve read that people who are near sighted are afraid of the future and an astigmatism has to do with how one sees them self.

When I moved in with my children’s father and his family they all had dark brown eyes. They’d never seen the way a pupil moves to let light in or keep it out when it is bright until he noticed the change in my eye one day. He showed every member of the family by having them look at my eyes while he turned the lights on and off. I found it amusing at the time but really how would they have noticed that before?

I’m sure we’ve all heard eyes referred to as windows to the soul. Have you ever met a young person with old looking eyes or visa versa? I don’t mean there were wrinkles prematurely around them but their actual eyes seemed calmer and deeper somehow.

We’ve all heard that you can tell when someone is lying by where they look. And if they are remembering they look in a different direction which is why we are taught to look people in the eyes when we talk to them, especially during interviews or important meetings.

One of my best friends sees voices and music. I think that is just amazing and I always wonder what my voice sounds like. When I ask her she says, “It depends on what you are saying.”

So there is a rant about nothing. You’re welcome. Eyes are amazing and I strongly encourage everyone to see their best. It really is quite delightful.


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