So it has been a while since I have written about my little dog. She is still awesome but she had a bad habit of barking and shaking when we had house guests. After we got her to stop barking she’d stealthily run up and bite our guests’ ankles.

Luckily we have forgiving friends and her bites are small. Nevertheless, we had to change something to curb this ankle biting. So now I make her sit before I pet her, let her on my lap, feed her or anything else that she used to get for free. This has seemed to make an immediate impact. After doing it for only one day, I had a friend come over in the evening. Her barking was minimal and she didn’t act out toward our guest at all.

Everyone knows that a good dog owner has to be the pack leader but I didn’t know it was so easy.  I have read that you shouldn’t let your dog walk in front of you if it has any issues. After I started making her sit all the time, she automatically walked next to me instead of in front.

Lilly is a very smart little dog and sitting is very easy for her.  It was me and my family that needed to learn how to act. We may have spoiled her a little too much. Of course, since she was a rescue pup, we thought we should over compensate for her previous home.  The other day we realized that we’ve spent more on clothes for our dog than for either my guy or me.  I have not bought a new outfit for years.

But there are such cute sweaters for pups and she always looks great in everything. My man found his old pound puppy and he put its sweater on Lilly. It fit, was even a little loose.


Really, how could we resist? Plus, in the winter, she actually needed them. She easily gets cold and shivers, even in car rides. Might as well keep her warm in fashion. 🙂

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