So the mystery of what Lily was writing in her food is solved. Secret Messages Although I did not learn her doggy language and she did seem to write a T and a J with two of her meals, we started mixing her food with some wet food that was so fancy, the ingredient lists sounded better than what makes it to our dinner table. I think she is enjoying Salmon and vegetables now on top of her dry food.

After much deliberation, it can be determined that she was trying to tell us that she is a high classed dog and has grown bored with this simple dry chow every day.

She has gone back to telling us what she wants without spelling it out. For example, in the morning when she wants her breakfast an hour early, she paws at our faces. Then when we do not get up she sits on our heads. I am so glad she is only four pounds.  I always give her the same answer, “I don’t feed you, go wake up the girl.” Unfortunately, she knows that isn’t true. With enough pestering I will get up and get her breakfast early. I realize she has me well trained but she does it with positive reinforcement.

I love how she dances on her hind legs when I am near to be picked up. I swear she would purr if she could. When I pet her, she leans into my hands and if I stop, she grabs my hand with both her front paws. She has mastered “sit” and “lay down” but she has taught us so many tricks. She can get any of us to chase her when she wants to play. She gets us to pick her up when she dances and she gets us to buy her new outfits just because she looks so cute in them.

Lily gets what Lily wants. Luckily she really isn’t that demanding. A few meals a day and tons of love is all she really requires.

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