Today is the first day back to the daily routine for most. The kids went back to school. Many nine to fivers cursed the alarm this morning but drug themselves out of bed and freshened up for the first day of work in the New Year.  Hopefully they were happy to see their colleagues and had many good stories to share about the holidays during their coffee breaks.

Today they’ll start the weight loss challenges around offices and companies everywhere. Certainly a few employees are groggy, maybe not from the drinking, but from the change in their sleep schedules for the past few days.

I too found it rather hard to leave my bed this morning and my Lily dog was such a good cuddler. She would prefer we slept in everyday after she gets her breakfast, of course. But somehow I willed myself up as well and I thought about what I decided to change and who I decided to be this year. I stumbled down to the living room and put on the Kinect we got the kids for Christmas and I danced with the dancing game we got for the youngest until I felt sufficiently sweaty and worked out.

  1. Getting in shape again… check.

Then I wandered up to the kitchen and chose oatmeal instead of s’more cereal. I even had an orange with it.

  1. Eating better… check.

I tweaked and resent query letters for Goblins to my top five agents.

  1. Getting published, physically, not just e-published… check.

Then I started a new campaign on Amazon Kindle for advertising my e-book.

  1. Being discovered as the next best Sci- Fi author… check.

I edited and edited and edited my next manuscript and set a deadline of next week Friday for having it complete.

  1. Stop procrastinating and be the next best Sci-Fi author… check.

Then Lily demanded we take a break and I pet her silly.

  1. Be happy… check, check, check.

Overall, it is a good start to the New Year. I hope everyone is full of optimism and love in this widely accepted chance for new beginnings. And I hope it stays with all of us on our journeys all year long.

Wishing you all good luck and great lives for 2017.


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