Today I went to bring in a package from UPS and the door knob came off in my hands. I thought, “What a lovely thought, the knob is in my hand.” When we think of the future, sometimes we refer to doors opening or closing. Well, if the knob is in my hand, could that mean that I can open any door I please? It no longer is the knob to my front door but the knob to any future that I want.

My honey interpreted it a bit differently. I asked him if we had a spare door knob anywhere so that I could fix the front door. He replied, “Shitty house, goddamn it!”

I said, “I love you and this shitty house and this little dog too.”

But back to this new idea that literally having a knob in my hands inspired, it was always true that any of us can do whatever we’d like or open whatever door we desire and now with the new year around the corner everyone is thinking about it again.

We are making lists of what we want in 2017, what we wish for our families and loved ones and maybe our enemies too. We are starting to think about our resolutions to lose the holiday pounds and be more healthy, wealthy and loving next year.

Why do we only do this once a year? If the knob is always in our hands, couldn’t we choose what door to open each day or hour or minute? And maybe that is what we’d need to do to have those resolutions more than into February sometime. Gyms are packed in January but by March it is easier to find a machine.

So instead of making a resolution maybe we should choose things that create the goals we want.  Like if we want to be thinner or more in shape, when we eat, we can choose foods that are good for us or really pay attention to portions. We could choose to walk to a nearby errand instead of drive. If we want to be wealthier next year, we could look into a side job or selling stuff around the house we don’t use anymore. We could apply for the promotions and really invest in ourselves and let everyone know we are worth more so that they give us more. If we want love next year, we can fully open up to that being in our lives. We can forgive any past pains and go forward bravely, unguarded and expecting the best person to walk into our arms. We could make the first move when we see someone that interests us or join an online dating service and be open minded.

The knob in my hand reminds me that the possibilities are endless and I am so thankful to have a handy man in my life to fix the front door.

I wish everyone the best year full of the best months, the best days, hours and minutes in 2017. Happy New Year!!!

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