Who rescued who?  Lilly continuously reminds me that I am loved unconditionally and I return the favor. This four pound Yorkie is my constant companion and she shows concern when I get upset or nervous watching a movie. She demands my attention when I’ve spent too much time working on the computer. The forced breaks refresh my mind and body and help me do my best work.  Not to mention all the scientifically proven benefits dogs have for humans, like lowering blood pressure and relieving stress.

She doesn’t ask very much of me, only for food and a good rub down sometimes. She likes to curl up inside my sweatshirts and gives me a little extra warmth on these cold days. She provides me and my family with infinite smiles and she pulls the love out of us and fills the house with it.

This is how it should be.

So how is she doing? When she first moved in, she was a bit skittish but that quickly faded. Then she became protective over the house and would bark ferociously at guests… we’ve worked through that too. Now we just have a calm, friendly, happy little dog. She sleeps during car rides, she likes to play with the kids, especially if they get down on their hands and knees and chase her around. She gets very excited when she hears the bus pull up after school and greets everyone with a tail like a metronome.

She loves pumpkin treats from the local pet store and carrots too. She is very polite about food. We can eat with her in our laps around the house and she never tries to steal it. She learns tricks very quickly. So far we’ve only taught her to sit and lay down but she got them with only a few treats. There are Yorkie youtube videos of amazing tricks and I can see why, they are very smart dogs.

So I hope everyone feels unconditionally loved and has people to play with. And I encourage everyone to rescue a dog at New Beginnings Animal Rescue.

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