Good morning strange world,

I was trying to write a something inspirational about the current state of our part of the world. There is a lot of fear and high emotion at this moment in time and I see it as a challenge for everyone to face their fears and choose to love and accept.

We can accept our neighbor who voted for the other party because if you didn’t know who they voted for they would just be the neighbor who is interested in living in a safe and comfortable community. Maybe your kids play with their kids or they would watch your pets or water your plants if you went out of town. If you do not know your neighbors, perhaps meeting them would be a good idea. Even if you just realize you really don’t like them, at least the fear of the unknown will be gone.

I am hearing a lot of noise about people who voted for Trump hating anyone who isn’t white, hating women, and hating the gay community and that simply isn’t true. Those thoughts are causing a lot of unnecessary fear in those communities. I am completely unsure of what Trump stands for because he has changed his mind on almost every topic at least once. We could choose to assume that people voted for him because something he said resonated with them, they really disagreed with Clinton or that they were so fed up with the current state of things that grand change, good or bad was their goal. Or perhaps they simply voted Republican. We will never really know why anyone fills in whichever circle they fill in because we are not them.  I guess my point is that I am watching loving wonderful people be consumed with the fear of their neighbors.  It is an assumption that they are hated, and they are reacting to it. I am speaking of both sides.  Whether it is true or untrue, whatever side you are on for any topic, why not choose to love? Love the people, who challenge you, they make you stronger. Love the people, whom you fear, if you face that fear, you grow as a person. Love the differences between people, if everyone were the same, you wouldn’t be the individual you are.

I realize it is easier said than done. It is fun to have a villain, it makes the stories better but there also needs to be a balance. Accept that even the worst villain may have a few good qualities. The bully on the playground may have been nicer if they were treated nicer.  Every comic book villain had a story, and could’ve been a hero instead.

Actions and reactions can have a spiral effect. Wouldn’t it be better to promote a spiral upward and be a positive, open minded, group of accepting individuals than to let fear create the downward spiral for everyone?  Together the melting pot that is the United States could be strong, but nothing was ever accomplished by a group fighting amongst themselves.

I tell my children all the time, there is only one person you can control. You can choose how to feel, react and what you say and do. This is where your power is, wield it wisely.

Lots of love to you and yours, enjoy your day, Jesse Alyn XC


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