After voting today I decided I would reward myself with a coffee, not a regular coffee I could make at home but some frothy, rich concoction that only a coffee shop could provide. I drove the ten minutes to my favorite coffee place and I was looking at some of the pastries they had displayed in the window. I stepped back to move towards the door and I ran into someone.

“Oh, I’m sorry.” I turned around to see that gorgeous Drandon. “Oh, It’s you, funny running into you again.”

“Hello again, Jesse.” Drandon said very politely. “How are you today?”

“I will be wonderful if you don’t use a pearl to get away from me.” I was still a bit sore about the last time I’d seen him.

“I am sorry, I had pressing research to do.” He started to defend himself. “You know, you are right, that was rude of me. I am not busy now. Were you going to get something inside?”

“You’ll join me?” I was pleasantly surprised.

“Certainly, I’ll even tell you a story.” He smiled genuinely with his perfect teeth shining out of his mouth.

“I would never pass that up.” I said.

He opened the door to the coffee shop and we ordered, I had a dark chocolate mocha with extra whip cream and a chocolate croissant to go with it. He ordered something to drink and then paid for both of us.

“Thank you.”  I reminded myself to be polite and not just stare at him.

We sat in a corner table near the front window so we could see out and enjoy the sunshine but no one would notice us from the street.

The chocolate was so smooth and delicious as I bit into my croissant, then I washed it down with more chocolate… for a second I thought of the book the Chocolate Touch. My daughter had read it to me over the summer. Then I thought maybe I’d have a salad for lunch.

I looked over and Drandon had been observing me with an amused half smile on his face. He didn’t have any of the urgency that he had during our prior meetings.

I swallowed my food and said, “You mentioned a story?”

“Yes, I think that someone of your species should know about recent events, if only to indulge my own self-worth.” He paused thoughtfully.

“Recent events?” I tried to urge him on now that my curiosity was overflowing.

“There was a war for the planet Earth.” He looked at me.

My face must have reflected my confused shock because he didn’t continue until I composed myself.

“Don’t worry, you didn’t know because we didn’t want you to. The other Goblins and I discovered that there were disgusting body jumping aliens controlling some of the humans. They were using the humans to commit violent gruesome acts against each other and collect intel for another alien race that had an interest in inhabiting this planet.”

Hours went by as Drandon unfolded this amazing story of battles and strange happenings…  He gave me full permission to share it with my kind. Since I am a writer, book form seemed natural but I didn’t want to end up in a hospital somewhere trying to portray it as truth, so I pitch this book, Goblins: Avta’s Quest as a science fiction action adventure.

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