Good morning everyone,

Sorry I have been off the grid for a bit. I started not one but two different transcription jobs. I am not very fast at it yet and they take up quite a bit of my time but I will get quicker and have more time for doing what I love.

Happy Halloween! I hope everyone dressed up and acted a fool while remembering and honoring all those who’ve passed before us. I also hope everyone shared my sugar hangover the following morning.

So the story I’d like to tell today is not my own. My daughter told me this was why she hadn’t brushed her teeth or hair yet this morning when she had ten minutes left until the bus arrived.

She said that she was fighting with the little rubber witch that was hanging outside her bedroom door. She punched it in the stomach on the way down to get her socks. Of course the witch transformed into a full size witch and was looking for revenge after being sucker punched.

She walked into her room and my daughter drew her sword. My daughter was showing her swordsmanship to keep the witch on the defense, but then the witch broke her Katana with magic.

Luckily my daughter’s room is filled with weapons and there was a pirate sword not very far away. My daughter picked it up and the witch threw a curse onto it but my daughter had already began throwing it in the witches direction and when the sword hit her it exploded in a colorful mess and took the witch with it. So then my daughter was free to get her socks and shoes on but still needed to brush her teeth and hair.




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