This morning I was taking Lilly for a walk and I was starting to worry about my finances. I am ok, I’ve always had more than enough for what I need but my guy has been stressing about it lately and it was starting to rub off.

I have tried all kinds of crazy things since I’ve been home to get a little extra money on the side. I tried surveys but found there is a lot of redirection and no pay out. They just collect your info and send you lots of junk mail. I’ve tried a referral marketing online system and in theory it works but I didn’t make a dime. I guess I felt bad referring a lot of junk to other people who were not already doing it so I get my $10, $25, or whatever they claimed to pay for each referral. I see a lot of blogs about making money with referral codes in them. They claim that there is money to be made with each and every one. It’d take a long time to search through them all to see which if any were truthful because the first thing these systems tell you to do is set up your referral codes and market all these things, people are doing that before knowing if any of it works. I couldn’t prove that it does so I won’t make anyone else a Guinea pig. I have started couponing and that is rather fun. I subscribe to cartwheel and the Walmart app as well as the Crazy Coupon Lady. Ibotta and Checkout51 are really great. I run around my kitchen every time I get home from grocery shopping and I scan all the barcodes and capture my receipts. It is a pretty fun game and I watch all my little rebates adding up. Coupons also give us excuses to eat out sometimes. Those usually show up in the mail. I just downloaded Groupons too but I haven’t used it yet.

So I was walking around thinking about what I could try next, I do have big plans to start my art gallery and publish my books and I am working on making those reality but what else could I do while I job hunt? Then I had an epiphany, why was I focusing on money and needing more? I am a big believer in manifesting and being thankful for what I have. So I started listing everything I was thankful for. I looked down at my dog and I was thankful for her. I have shoes on my feet and clothes on my back and a home to go to. I am thankful for all the great health my family and I enjoy. I am a very abundant person. I was walking around a store the other day and looked down to find a ten dollar bill. I am thankful for my luck.

Just then I heard the most horrible crashing noise. Moments later I heard sirens and general commotion coming from an overpass I happened to be walking under. I couldn’t really see what was going on when I strained to look up but then I saw something amazing. There were hundred dollar bills floating in the sky above me. I reached up and caught several bills that were floating in my direction. I said thank you in my mind and I walked toward home. I looked back over my shoulder and I could see hordes of people out of parked cars grabbing money both on the overpass and now underneath it as well. From a distance I could see what had happened. There was an armored truck with a tractor-trailer smashed into it. It was pinned up against the rail and split in two. There was money everywhere.

When I reached home, I flipped on the TV. Of course the scene was all over the news and luckily no one was hurt in the accident but many many commuters were late or didn’t make it to work that day. The armored car was insured and most of the money was still in the truck and secure. They were not worried about trying to recover any of the money lost due to how impossible it would be. I pulled out a few bills out of my pocket and smiled at them. Thank you I said out loud.

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