Remember the non-human hottie that gave me the pearls? (Previous post- See 10 Pearls in stories) Well I caught a glance at him again this morning.

I was walking my puppy around the park and saw the broad shoulders and the dirty blonde hair in front of me and of course being the lunatic I am, I started running toward him yelling, “Drandon, Drandon!”

Luckily when he turned around it was really him. His chiseled face had a half smile on it. Probably because I looked ridiculous running up to him with my tiny dog in tow.

“Hello Jesse, how are you today?” he politely greeted me.

“Hi, I am great. How is my favorite non-human today? I asked.

He laughed, “I am well. Did you notice anything a minute ago?”

“You froze me?!” I felt a little indignant.

“Yes, but to be fair I didn’t know you were in the park.” He said.

“No, I didn’t notice.” I admitted.

“Did you find a good use for your pearls?” He asked.

“I did.” Suddenly I was very embarrassed and I didn’t want to admit everything that I did with them. “I helped other people with them.”

(Don’t judge, it was half true.) Then I changed the subject. “So what are you if not human?”

“Ok, I will tell you but you cannot share this information with anyone.” He looked at me for a long time.

I nodded and stared intently at him. He seemed satisfied and began his story.

“I am from a planet called Gobliduanee. There was an invasion and I came here with a crew looking for a new home for our kind. We crashed when we entered the Earth’s atmosphere and have not been in contact with our home since. That was around a century ago.” He paused.

“How old are you?” I inspected his face for wrinkles.

“I do not keep track. Time is very different here than from where we are from so it is hard to judge.” He explained.

“Tell me all about Gobliduanee.” I said.

“I really must be going, Jesse. I have a lot more research to do.” Drandon politely dismissed himself.

I nodded and looked down at the leash wrapped three times around my legs and the sweet Yorkie looking up at me. When I looked back up Drandon was gone.

It all happened so fast and for a minute I thought I’d imagined the whole thing but then I remembered that he had time stopping pearls. I was a bit insulted that he used one to get away from me but I guess I can admit to being a bit persistent.

Anyways, I hope everyone enjoys their weekends.  Jesse Alyn XC

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