I certainly hope that every person who reads this has been in love. I personally am in love all the time. I am in love with my morning coffee. I am in love with the plants in my house and my puppy. I am in love with the man I wake up next to and the children who do the waking. I am in love with lots of pillows and comforters all over the place. I am in love with my friends who have been with me forever and more recent than that. I am in love with random people who start conversations in stores. I am in love with the things I create and the things I can learn. I am in love with me as well.

I was at a wedding last weekend and it is beautiful how that type of celebration brings out the love in everyone. The families from both sides were mingling and all of them beaming with joy. The bride was gorgeous and seemed to float on a cushion of air. The groom had the biggest smile just plastered on his face the entire night. Love is infectious. The couple getting married had decided to date after the wedding of their friends. I would not be surprised at all if there were a few proposals that night as well. It makes me wonder why the world doesn’t focus more on love.

The news is always looking for the most gruesome heart wrenching, terror inflicting stories they can find to report to the public. Most people are quick to complain and not to compliment. It is considered bragging if someone is sharing something great that is happening to them or loved ones. What a backwards society we have created. Even in the political arena, we are bombarded with what is wrong with the other candidate instead of focusing on what is good about either one. When a relationship doesn’t work out, all the great experiences the two people had together are forgotten and the ex is portrayed with all their negative attributes in all following conversations.

I do not keep up on current events. I very much enjoy living in my fantasy world and creating alternate ones. Last night my love was telling me all these horrible recent events. Muslims at the forefront stabbing and shooting and blowing people up, with Vladimir Putin telling all Russians in America to return to their homeland. Which we can and do infer is not a good thing for us. The kids come home from school and tell me there are people in clown masks scaring and hurting people and there have been some recent Amber alerts as well.

My gut reaction to this news is shock, disgust and despair but why is that the news? Why are the radical Muslims killing people? I know plenty of perfectly peaceful kind loving Muslims. What do these people need that they are not getting? Are they being filled with hate instead of love? What can we do about that if our first reaction is to hate them for their actions, isn’t it a self-fulfilling agenda that spreads more hate and violence? The same question works for police versus the black lives matter movement or even countries like Russia fighting with other countries. What if we loved them instead? We do not have to agree with them, we do not have to believe anything that they do or support their actions but what benefit to anyone are we doing if we hate them? Does it feel good to hate or be hated? I personally do not think so.  I choose to feel good and to love. There is no rationality or idealism in this. It is pure and simply me wanting to live the best human experience that I can. I wish the same for everyone else.

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