My family and I recently adopted a Yorkshire Terrier from New Beginnings Rescue. (Great people, great animals, do check them out if you are in Minnesota and looking for a new furry family member. end commercial) Anyways, she is so amazing I suddenly understood why there are so many facebook posts of cats and dogs. We renamed her Lilly. She is only four pounds and just a doll and I began to wonder what her life was like before… what did we rescue her from?

Here is what we know, she was formerly known as Kayla, she came from Alabama, she had two brothers and she gets really excited every time we drive near a McDonalds. So we can conclude that Kayla was a beast of unimaginable power that made Pit bulls cower with her mighty bark. She was so ferocious that her two brothers couldn’t eat and became frail with her around and she stole all the McDonalds food out of her families hands before they could even get a bite. So the previous family was forced to give her up. What they didn’t know is that she would sneak out at night and find dog fights and win all of them. She would bring hundreds of dollars home and hide it underneath there porch where undoubtedly her fortune still resides.

Who knew all she needed was a new name. Now Lilly is the perfect pillow princess lap dog. She makes friends easily and is so kind and sweet and loving. All four pounds of her jump with joy to get one of her people to carry her around and she cuddles like a pro. She is still a little independent, she does put herself to sleep after much petting in her doggy bed fashioned out of baby pillows and blankets and even a heating pad set on low. She does have her own wardrobe because she isn’t used to cold weather and shivers if she doesn’t wear a sweater… she may need booties as well. Overall she is adjusting to a simple life full of love and has given up her life of crime and bullying.

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