Brilliant people have been telling me to start this for a while now. I hummed and hawed over what to write about and finally decided I could write about everything. I have really strange real life stories and more mundane human stories that I can twist and weave into something to entertain and bend you lovely people’s minds. I suppose the best place to begin is to introduce myself.

I am Jesse Alyn XC, I grew up in a town called Clear Lake, Wisconsin. I believe a guy a bit older than me made a horror movie about it. I moved to the Twin Cities and graduated from the University of Minnesota. During my time there, I only egged one frat house after being sprayed with a hose, I met so many amazing people and found a passion for salsa dancing, which led to pregnancy and marriage. I honed my Spanish skills before having a second beautiful baby and getting divorced. I found myself in the same job for nine years, working up from inventory clerk to supervisor and then very recently was involuntarily separated from that place. That is the way we are told to say we were fired in a job interview. I couldn’t have been happier about leaving though. That is not what I wanted to be when I grow up. I was good at it but it was not good to me. In fact, I feel wholeheartedly for all the stressed out wonderful people who still spend their time there every day while I am free to pursue better things. I, like most, have a bucket list and I am working on accomplishing all of them. So far, I have met the love of my life, made a beautiful family…. Not necessarily in that order and I have a lovely warm home which is better than I imagined. Now I just need to get published and become a millionaire and life goals are complete until I make more. Of course bucket list items are usually smaller like, riding in a hot air balloon and having threesomes with friends… wait, that is checked off too. Just kidding or am I? Anyway, in my life I have met a vampire, seen a werewolf and had an iguana as a pet. I cannot and would not  complain about any of my past and am excited to see what happens next and to share it with you.

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